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We all know that a human being is a social animal, he always wants to live in harmony with the people, gives love to the people and wants love in return and if for some reason love is not received instead of love, then inside it suffocates and society and home Despite being in isolation, something similar happened to me, yes, you have heard my name is Preeti and I have not been a Naroda Escorts girl in Ahmedabad, but I also had a family but a lot changed over time. Gaya, I was born in a family in Delhi and married in Ahmedabad city of Naroda. My husband is a businessman, he stays outside the house for business, usually the girl wishes her husband to have more money. But it is important to understand that money is not everything, but a few years of marriage have passed, but now my heart did not feel like going on TV or with my friend, I want someone to talk to me if I can help me Spend time with me, go with me to romance with me at night, but it was my fantasy that maybe It could not be fulfilled, these were my everyday dreams and I used to break every day, something like this happened today, I was dreaming as usual and meanwhile my friend's phone came and we both went out of the market.

I had a lot of initiative. After some time we came home and surrounded me by that loneliness.

I came to the terrace to overcome my loneliness and started walking there. I saw a new family in our neighborhood and in that family a There is also a beautiful and young boy and he is watching me very carefully from the window of his room, I did not pay attention to him and as soon as nightfall came I started to cook in the kitchen and finished all my work again on the terrace. After a while, that boy came again and started staring at me and taking a photo of me secretly in my phone, I felt a bit strange but I did not resist him and I kept thinking about him in the night. He is taking photos from theft, in the midst of this thinking, I do not know when I got sleepy and when I opened my eyes, I saw a long time has come. I went to the washroom and came back to the coffee brother and came to the terrace. I had been on the terrace for 10 minutes and he too came and started smiling at me and seeing it, I also amused him this time he started taking photos again. This time I got him a good picture and got a photo, he also understood that I am also looking at him.

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Now when I came to the roof, he would also come immediately to his room and start looking at me from the window, slowly he started talking to me in a gesture and I started answering him one day. His mother came to buy the vegetable below. I was buying vegetables from there, her mother started talking to me, she told that she lives here on rent, her family has a husband and a son. The son's name is Rahul, today for the first time I came to know the name for a while. After we came to our house after some time we went to the terrace after cooking, so Rahul was already on the window of the room, today he came to me and asked for my mobile number and I could not speak to him and I gave the number after a while, there was an unknown number ringing on my phone, I picked up the phone and the voice came from the other side, Rahul was speaking, I was shocked to hear this name, my hands and feet started trembling. I was all normal, he asked someone, I said, I am fine, you tell me after talking for a while, he said later in the phone and the phone was cut, now our phone is up for hours.

But used to talk his phone did not come long enough. When the phone came, it was quite a night, when he came to his room in his room in Balakoni, I ran to the terrace and kept talking on the phone while looking at him. Now I used to think I have found what I was looking for, I started loving it very much and he also loved me very much. Today he spoke my heart. He said that I want to come to you and I used to have my mind too But I was never able to speak today, as soon as he said this, I froze and just nodded yes, then what was it, I disconnected the phone and started decorating today, after years, I was going to start a new life. He decorated himself a lot today and decorated his room too. Now he started waiting for the time he was told.

Today, the time had stopped, after a long wait, his call came and told that he is standing outside your house. I opened the door and He came inWe sat on the couch talking and he came very close to me and he slowly put his hand on top of me and I could not stop myself and hugged him like we were suffering from each other for years now. He kissed me and started moving his finger on my delicate parts, every touch of it was pushing me into a trance. Now I was out of control, he took me on his lap and took me to the bedroom and for a long time he started doing romantic activities with me. He started opening my clothes and after some time he was naked and he gave me his arms.

for the first time today, I felt his extreme happiness, now he comes to me everyday and now we used to be together all night, I fell in love with him so much, if he does not come on time then I would feel restless but maybe God did not approve of our love One night when he came, he was sad but nothing was told we talked a lot and he said that he is going to his house in the morning, the night was also enough and he went to sleep, I slept late at night. Because I woke up late in the morning, I started working at home when I was free from work. Today I have no voice in my house. They have left home and I feel very shocked This went on for some time, one day my friend living near my house came and she knew the sadness of my face, she asked the reason for sadness, I told her the whole thing, she told me that there is an escorts agency nearby you can join her. You will find good friends there. I felt bad to hear that because I knew that there is sex work there, so I refused her to go there but she told that she also goes there quite a lot. Agreed to meet the agency.

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The next day, I went to the nearest naroda escorts agency with him and met some people, I saw that I used to think about the escorts agency, there is nothing here, everyone was talking here in a normal way, here everything girl joining the agency Depends that she can befriend people like her and can make her bored life happier by going here and find out that many people are above boys and girls in the matter of boredom. Some people who are deceived in love, there are those who are not happy with their family life, and they like to talk to them and become new friends, I am also looking for a friend who can fill my life with love. If you find someone who can erase the memories of my friend from my heart, if you also think like me and you lack love in your life, then you can contact our agency and from there you can take my number, we can tell you that our escorts agency is the closest to your home and a high profile agency in which you can befriend girls according to your wish.

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