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We know that you are feeling the lack of love in your life, people who feel that the romance in their life is going to end, they come to us in an attempt to get love again in their life. There is a fire of love in the heart of those who are eager for love, but there is no option to calm them. And when they know that they have their favourite escort girl available, then they come to them, if you too are troubled by the agony of love, then get information about the Ahmedabad Escorts girl near you.Friends, my name is Komal Sheti, I am a 22-year-old hot girl with a figure of 27-32-32, so hot that thousands of boys flirt on me. Many boys want to befriend me, yes you have heard right from childhood. He was very shy and beautiful, he loved us all due to being small in the house, I slowly started growing up in this house with this dear love and there was a time when I finished school and was preparing for college. I started feeling together and now I am no longer a cute little girl Now I became a hot and sexy girl, the girl who was the most beautiful in college, along with that I liked many boys but some girls did not like my beauty and boys to die on me.

The sweetest moment of my life is my college tour

All the boys in college wanted me but there was someone like that, my heart was beating for him, his name was Mukul and Mukul had come to the college together, but then there was nothing for Mukul in my mind, but the time allowed for something else. It was one day when I reached college, I came to know that college is going on a tour, so I have got my name written. And we all went on a tour and were having fun there and having lunch and playing sports, during this time.

Mukul caught me all doing the same with each other, but I do not know whether Mukul had anything in mind. Normally, he had caught me, but in my heart, when he was caught by Mukul, he ran like a current, but I did not feel bad about him, that game was over, but now what was playing in my mind It was not going to end, I could not sleep all night and now whenever Mukul comes in front of me, my heartbeat becomes faster, I realized for the first time that I am young.

After staying for a few days, that day also came, now we had to come back home, we packed our clothes and things and came back but when we went we went in a lot of fun and when we came from there we were calm.

Everyone was laughing but I was sitting in my seat, I was lost in fame, I may have fallen in love for some time, I kept looking at Mukul silently but never dared to say anything after a few days. Birthday came and Mukul brought me a gift and then when I was in the college room, as soon as Mukul came in the room, I was afraid, he came and sat near me and gave me a happy birthday. He sat talking with me for a while and holding my hand, he said the thing that we were waiting for, after that we started meeting every day whenever we got time, we used to spend time with each other, but all these things could go on for days. Detected it and closed my college.

I now fly in the sky like a butterfly

After being locked in the house for some time, now I started getting the freedom to move out of my house, but now this freedom is not of any use to me because for which I wanted to be free, Mukul went away from my life so far, maybe we will ever not get but one day while living at home, I do not remember the day I have not remembered him, I tried hard to contact him but never talked. Now as soon as I started living quietly, one of my friends told About Ahmedabad escorts and also said that all the big people come there, I joined the escorts agency because of that, today I have my car and have my own house. Where I feel like there is no restriction, but even today, there is a lack of true love in my life even today I am looking for my love. If you feel that we can meet each other's needs and become good friends, then I will wait, call me, I want to talk romantically to you.

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