What does the Ahmedabad Red Light Area mean?

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There are red-light areas in almost all the big cities of India. Some of them are legally accepted, and some are run illegally. There is a huge group of girls and women here. These women come to fulfil the sexual desires of men. It is not that these red light areas are new.

Some of them are very old. In our country, the practice of prostitution in light areas has been going on since the time of King Maharaja. The king used to keep many maids, and along with all these he They used to take the help of prostitutes to give pleasure to their bodies.

Some of these prostitutes got legal protection with time. Today many red-light areas exist in Ahmedabad.

Red light area in Ahmedabad

Kalupur Red Light Area

Kalupur Red Light Area is the oldest haunt of Ahmedabad. Kalupur is situated right in the centre of Ahmedabad. Kalupur Bus Station runs buses to all the major destinations of Ahmedabad city. After coming to Ahmedabad, you can reach Kalupur by bus and fulfil your sexual desire. Can do. The women here are very intelligent and sensual. She is known for her cheap rates.

If you want to come and visit here, then there are many tourist places for you, the first of which is Shri Swaminarayan Temple, which is a delightful temple located in Kalupur. This is the first temple of the Shri Swaminarayan sect. The statues of Lord Narnarayandev, Lord Radhakrishna Dev, Lord Dharmadev-Bhaktimata, Lord Harikrishna Maharaj, Lord Ghanshyam Maharaj and Lord Balswarup Ghanshyam Maharaj are present in the temple.

Khadiya Red Light Area

Khadiya is a tribal tribe of Central India. Their language comes from the Kharia Austro-Asiatic family group. In terms of population, Khadiya ranks after Munda Santali, Mundari and Ho. Because of this tribe, the red light area here is Khadiya Red Light Area. This red light is right in the middle of the city. Here you will also get to see many old buildings. There is a mixture of new and old buildings here. But thousands of sex workers come from every corner of the country.

Manek Chowk

Manek Chowk is a very big market in Ahmedabad, which starts getting decorated at around 9 p.m. In this, you also get very delicious street food. It is also famous for its red light area.


Madhupura is a crowded and densely populated area of ​​Ahmedabad known for its red-light district. The area is known for its cheap rates and has a large number of sex workers. It is also home to several illegal brothels.


Paldi is also known in the Amir area of ​​Ahmedabad. Very huge buildings and structures can be seen here. It is also known as a red light area.

Ellis Bridge

Ellis Bridge is a very famous place in Ahmedabad, it is on the banks of the Sabarmati River, which increases its popularity even more. Another big reason for its popularity is that a large number of sex workers live here.


There is a big red light area here, but there are very few sex workers here, due to which the crowd of people is also less, if you do not like the crowded area then you can fulfil your desire by coming to Kankaria…


Naroda is also known for its sex workers. Here you can see the amalgamation of old and new buildings.

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